National Running Day

Beautiful Flowers form the CHC garden: Picked on Tuesday for the Market Wed-Mon on my desk

First run in months!
About 4ish miles.
Average speed: 10/mi
Max: 7:17/mi

A few things to note about my run:
  • I was slightly afraid I had been taken into yoga land and would never return to the pavement, oh but it sure did feel good in my lungs, heart and legs. I will be sore tomorrow. 
  • My mile per minute mind makes me an average runner. distracting mind = good for passing time--bad for focusing on running form
  • It was so nice to be next to water and outside. There was  slight stench (from recent flooding), cool breeze and sunny skies. If squint your eyes and listen to the breeze and breath in it almost smelled/looked/sounded like the ocean....oh how I can't wait to be there
  • I was quite worried I had not only lost my desire to run but also my running ability. But luckily 3 honks:1 lawn truck, 1 white van and 1 SUV--reassured me nicely...I've still got it (junk in the trunk that is...still questioning the running skills)
  • Based on my speed...I really need to work on consistency 
  • Lastly, I will not be running again until the beach, my hips were tight and I felt all scrunched up again. Can't wait for 5:30am yoga to get me back in line
  • But, it sure was nice to get out and support the day: National Running Day! What fun! 
We made Baked Salmon Salad with Peanut Dressing today in class. They LOVED it! Everyone, not a single person didn't like it and they said "now this is something I would have never tried before..this is a winner!" Yes! I am a winner. They day started on the right foot and ended on the right foot (??), the time in between was definitely on the left foot. Enough said about that.

Until next time! Tomorrow we are making LaraBars in class: cookie dough, key lime pie, pb&j, peanut butter cookie and cashew cookie flavors. YUMMM..

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