Cinnamon infused Chocolate Frappuccino = Hot Friday

Chocolate Frappuccino and "Candy" Blueberries

It is Friday and it is H-O-T out there. I wanted to eat the delicious eggs I got from one of our farmers over 2 weeks ago! BUT--it was TOO H-O-T.

So, instead I ate handfuls of "candy" blueberries (bought at Whole Foods and yes in my heart they are local blueberries from NC, because in my heart I am still living 7 minutes from the water in a house built in 1807 with four other girls and attending classes 4 hours of the day and am still only 21 years old).

Back to breakfast/reality: I blended up a Frappuccino (put cinnamon in the coffee grounds, added cocoa powder, ice, almond milk and a little agave). Add the nutrition punch of some flaxseed=extra Omega-3s. Sometimes I don't get enough fat in my diet! (Contrary to what some may think..even though there way be fat around your still might not be actually EATING enough fat)

I also, I have been struggling to get in enough water. Sweating for 90 minutes a day in a room heated to 105 degrees really depletes you of all fluids and then some. I think some of the problem maybe my expensive new water bottle (img below). It has a nifty filter and is a great big size. But, it doesn't squirt out fast enough. I am very picky about my water bottles. I hate buying them, because I end up never liking them. My favorite is a smart water bottle and to just refill it, but that is "bad" for you, so I'm trying out this new technique. Not sure which is worse: dehydration or getting the bad toxins from the plastic water bottle when used over and over again?

"Water Bobble" (

The class loved the LaraBar tasting yesterday. After each class I had everyone vote on their favorite bar. The results surprised me. Who would have thought not a single person!! would like the cookie dough flavor the best (besides me).

The results were similar for class 1&2: overwhelming winners were Key Lime Pie and PB&J and strongly disliked Apple Pie
Class 3: Loved PB&J and Cashew Cookie and hated Key Lime Pie

Very interesting! But, I was even surprised how delicious Key Lime Pie was! That fresh lime juice and zest and coconut really made it fabulous.

My family is more intrested in being bee-keepers right now than reading my blog. So once again I am debating sending out an email blast to extended family and close friends altering them of my blog. I do not feel like am recieving enough recognition, compliements and to put it frankly attention from my dear family.

So, we shall see....maybe tomorrow.


  1. You have the best family in the world. In case you wondered.Consider that a complIment.

  2. I know! My mom can do this really cool thing where she can take off her hair...

  3. Amaaazing! She must be amazing. I wonder if you can do that since y'all are related??? Seems likely.