Refried Black Beans and Afternoon Espresso LaraBar

Tomorrow I leave for my first full week PTO (paid time off) vacation. It is official I am a working girl now. I told my mom and dad I was entirely too young to not be taken on a "family" vacation. Well this "family" vacation will be mom, dad and me. I most certianly am sad my siblings/sibling in-laws will not be joining, but hey I couldn't be happier to be going to the beach.

One full week in Orange Beach, AL. All I need to make me happy is the ocean and sand (and maybe a pair of running shoes and some good food and maybe a bathing suit and some sunscreen??)

Today, should have once again consisted of packing (both for my move at the end of the month and for the week vaca) and neither have happened yet. Instead, I slept in went to visit with Nanny, 12pm yoga, lunch, showered and being lazy.

For lunch I made refried black beans and paired them with corn, tomatoes and ate it with baked tortilla chips. YUM! I used homemade taco seasoning I already had mixed up (left overs from lentil walnut tacos).

Homemade Black Bean Refried Beans

For a boost of energy and my chocolate fix I had a homemade Espresso Chocolate LaraBar. I'm still feeling sleepy...

Espresso Chocolate LaraBar


  1. Can we get the recipe for the refried beans?

  2. If you click on "Homemade Refried Black Beans" it will take you straight to the recipe.

  3. How was the ginger lara bar i had different from the recipe? i want some.