Ginger Tahini Chicken with Yogurt Sauce

Ginger Tahini Chicken with Yogurt Sauce and Roasted Broccolini 

Finished out the day with a delicious dinner: Ginger Tahini Chicken with Yogurt Sauce. I recently had a flashback to the delicious Shawarmas I ate while I was in Chile and thought this might help cure the craving. It was delicious. First, time to cook with tahini and I LOVED. Served over a bed of spinach and a side of Roasted Broccolini.

I also finally made up some LaraBars. I didn't make nearly as many as I had intended to, because I kept eating up all the dates!

Here are the combos I made:
The base:
Dates, Vanilla, Agave
  • Almonds, Cocoa powder and coconut 
  • Almonds, Cocoa powder, coconut and espresso powder
  • Almonds, Cocoa powder and candied ginger
  • Almonds, Cocoa powder, dried cranberries and coconut 
  • Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Cinnamon, dried cranberries 
Yum! Can't wait to start eating them all up. As you can see the majority had chocolate. I just used what I had in the pantry to make different combos. Traditionally all larabars have a base of cashews, but I was out because I ate all those up too! I tried a little bit of each and my favorites were the ones with coconut, chocolate and espresso powder (give me a little boost mid-afternoon at work).

That's all for now.
Thought this was kind of a funny quote that my yoga teacher said the other day:

"the mind is like a wild drunken monkey stung by a bee".

It really is a challenge to clear your mind and relax. Mine is always going a million miles a minute.

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  1. i wonder who your mother is... (that million mile mind thing)