Memorial Day Plans

Strawberry Mango Almond Milk Smoothie

It is a beautiful H-O-T day! I'm so glad to have the extra day of the weekend. This weekend has been very restful and perfect for catching up on things that have been piling up on me.

Agenda for the day:
8:30: Smoothie Time (Click For Recipe)
9:30: Yoga Class
12: FINALLY go to Urban and buy the love of my life (beautiful dress, see below)
1ish: Home to eat lunch, and start cleaning and packing for my big move
Urban Love
I will be leaving the Arbors June 30th-it couldn't come soon enough. I will definitely miss the Mud Island Path, the tennis courts and the pool. But not all THAT much. Saturday we thought it would be fun to go lay by the pool, walked over about around 12:30 and not a stop was to be found in Panama City Beach. Super frat-tastic and lost of beer, tacky people and loud drinking games. This didn't mesh well with the beach bag filled with my summer reading hopefuls.

So we next trekked over to Rhodes. I was immediately bombarded with kids that come to my cooking class. They were so sweet. We set up in the grass while all the Moms and Dads posted up by the pool. Not a very relaxing situation either.

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