Scratch That

I hate writing. My mom would say "Just start writing and it will come to you, just let your words flow." Well they never would and still don't. And the only inspiration/guidance given by my father are memories of him wearing a head set (similar to the drive through model) gritting his teach and repeatedly murmuring "scratch that" as the computer raced away typing/erasing his thoughts. An innocent bystander would have deemed him insane.

So, the question is why would someone who hates writing, gets anxiety at even the thought of it, can't spell, has very poor grammar and isn't articulate start a blog? I'm not exactly sure myself. But, I'm in a slump and I need something to pull me out.

So far I've tried "finding myself" (what does that even and find a wikianswer article explaining the phrase..hmm?) through cooking, running and yoga (drinking, overeating, sleeping, tv series (aka medication), but we will try and stick to the positive methods). Every attempt starts off strong then come full circle and I'm at the same place (or possibly a worse place) than I started.

I figured I'd join the new blog craze and write about my yoga, running and cooking experiences (maybe a few bits of insight on overeating, tv watching and drinking as well?) and not only would it hold me accountable, but maybe by writing about it I'd realize what I'm doing is great, I'm great and life is great.

I'm not starting off on the best foot. So far Wednesday is winning by 2 this morning. (No one's keeping score but Wednesday-2, Me-0). I woke early this morning (4:30am) made a pot of lemon-gingsley tea and headed out the door for my 5:30 Yoga for Strength Class. I've recently made a move in my life (almost 8 months now, but hey that's recent right?) and still can't seem to find that much needed connection with a local yoga teacher.

Last week I went to my first 5:30am class and fell in-love with the class and teacher. This week not so much, mainly because it was 27degrees dark and 25 minutes away and no one showed up. Not even the teacher. Bummer...I decided to come to work early, use the creative movement studio and work on the poses by myself. Not quite the same, but it worked.

In class today we are making baked spring rolls. Should be good, so maybe that will give me 1 for the day. Also expected snow fall starts 10am. Hoping for a snow day? In my dreams yes, but the likelihood of us closing is slim to none and I don't want to take my own PTO hours. That'd be great if my 11 hour day tomorrow was filled with sleep, coffee and sappy TV rather than 4 cooking classes, 3 meetings and a run. Hm...what a life!

Until next time..eventually I will post original recipes and photos, but don't expect them to be artistic. The fact that this post is turning into more than a few scratch thats and the words are flowing is mind-boggling.  

Lets end with, "But you don't have take my word for it. I'll see you next time." -Reading Rainbow LeVar Burton

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