"let's leave town on a permanent vacation, lock up the house, pack up the station wagon, make paradise our final destination, as long as we're outta here" -Kenny Chesney

To get me ready for a palmetto filled weekend in Charleston, i made a tropical smoothie.
Can of unsweetened pineapple 
1 banana
almond milk
fresh or ground ginger
unsweetened coconut
almond butter
a few fresh strawberries (couldn't resist them at the grocery even though they were not local or in season, but they are GOOD)

If you didn't just run 13 miles, this smoothies should be divided by 4. If you did, drink it all! Bananas great for replacing K+ and pineapples help reduce inflammation, pain, swelling and speed healing from injuries. The strawberries, coconut and ginger have tons of health benefits too, but their main goal today was to create a tropical paradise. 

Run: 13.2 =2:09.15 (9:50 pace, not great but pretty good since i ran the MI bridge 3x)

the run was the real test to see if the whole nutrition dilemma was really having that big of an affect. Well surprise  surprise the run felt great! (won't lie i wish it had been over around mile 10, but it wasn't bad) In comparison to last weeks run which was run off left over alcohol and second hand smoke fumes from good 'ole bar dog, this would would be given a perfect 10!

Just got a mani/pedi! (a little off schedule) 
toes=> opi ski teal we drop 
nails=> essie going incognito

Bold colors to get ready for a bold weekend!

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  1. Smoothie looks amazing! Might hafta buy me some strawbitties myself. I wanna see those toes and fangahs!