Pumpkin Pie...Kids don't like pumpkin pie

it was a big deal for me to share this blog with my family. so i'm not sure if i will ever share it with all of never-neverland (aka internet-land). it could be because i've cringed while reading so many bad blogs in the past or because i held out so long and now everyone and their mom (same applies for facebook mother) has a blog or the fact that growing up i always thought the papers i wrote were so insightful, heartfelt and down right A+ deserving papers and they would always come back with a big disapproving  "pumpkin pie...kids don't like pumpkin pie." stamp right on top of the paper.

Well obviously my teachers didn't have a stamp that said "pumpkin pie," but pumpkin pie refers to a more recent "put yourself out there" epidemic that received immediate shut down (no need to explain the literal meaning of the pumpkin pie story those parties involved will immediately understand). So needless to say those of you that are reading choose your words wisely, because remember "she maybe small, but she sure is mighty." -Robin Williams (in direct reference to me)

Two more classes to go and then I'm home free! Been looking up recipes for gluten and dairy free vegan fruit and nut bars all day so i can bring some on my trip to charleston. found a few interesting ones i may adapt. should be an exciting night ahead. will keep you posted. will be heading straight to whole foods after work (it is quite possible a trip to whole foods might push me over the tipping point to move back to charleston. the store really is that bad in comparison, but remember no comparisons here. just two very different and unique cities. the following 2 link explain it all No Comparisons...Maybe Just One?)

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