Sunflower Saturday

Almost forgot to give y'all the weekly flower update! Here they are:

Saturday Not Complete Without Sunflowers!
Sunny & in the 80s= perfect
Sunflowers & Zinna's w/ a little extra punch of green
This week I was accompanied by my lovely cousin L. She works late nights, so we went a little later this week. Unfortunately, Whitton was all out of flowers, so I went to another vendor & made my own bouquet. Quite the challenge--flower arranging is hard!

I got home & they looked a little blahhh....needed a little extra punch of color so I took the sissors out back and went to cutting. Cut a few green things--no idea what they were & added them into to make a perfect bouquet for the week!

Pad Thai on the Menu tonight w/ market fresh zucchini, onions, red pepper, carrots (not market fresh), spicy red chili peppers (only got three b/c they told me they are spicy--but IFL got me into trying more varieties of peppers, not just jalapenos! So I'm very excited to try!) all tossed in  a delicious peanut sauce.

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