Salt Lake City Loves the Idea of Camping

So I made it this far and I'm so glad I decided to fly through Salt Lake City (...didn't know I was flying through here until I printed my boarding pass). SLC is beautiful. I guess all I have seen is the view from the air & the airport...but the landscape is quite Hook-esque. The water is a crisp blue color & the mountains are varying heights with white/grayish tips. Too bad I forgot my hipster glasses, my legs are will never fit in a pair of purple skinny jeans & I'm way to accident prone to drink my coffee w/ the lid off (to fit in you must take the lid off here coffee here) or I could maybe move here.

You must remember that even though I am the daughter of a mermaid (mermaids need a higher water to mountain ratio than SLC can offer & warmer temps) I am also the daughter of a pirate & pirates need adventure. I realize that my father has forgotten how to fly & the need for adventure but this little child of theirs is starting to feel quite a stir for a new adventure (I'm sure tomorrow I will remember how much I like bfast at 8, lunch at 12 & dinner 6:30 & bed by 10). 

I know I won't be moving to SLC anytime soon, but it is refreshing to remember that not all places you go have a Walgreens, CVS or Starbucks on every corner. There is more out there in the world!--I believe what this syndrome is called is the idea of camping syndrome. 

*Dissclamier: Father needs to get me an iphone...I wrote this while sitting in the airport on my phone & lost the whole post. Trying to rewrite a witty post is not a fun thing to do...Wittiness comes with spontaneity & this was not spontaneous--iphone needed. 

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