Ode to Hanson

The only thing I really remember about Hanson is the forth grade variety show performance (Spice Girls also made an appearance which was of much greater interested to me). I never had their CD & I really didn't know more than it was cool to like them & then suddenly it un-cool to like them.

As a determined non-cable owning kid--I always tried to jump on any "cool" bandwagon" asap. Everyone else watched MTV & would immediately know when "we" were supposed to like something and when "we" weren't--so I was a little late getting to know about MMM BOPP, but believe me I did know it and so did everyone else.

The crazy thing is though it was just us--no one else. Go back a few years and ask a sophomore in college who Hanson is--you know the three brothers who  are in a band...You mean the Jonas Brothers??....OHH how the times have changed.

So we all came back together and celebrated their 1 hit success. Tonight we may have poured ourselves into skinny jeans, tattooed ourselves with art, pierce our noses with rings or painted our faces to match our plaid skirt & Micheal Kors watch--But, we all sang & jumped and listened to those three boys (more like old men aka 30ish) that really belonged to us--no one else knows (or maybe cares?) but they were their with us--in our variety shows, at our school dances, playing during carpool & carrying us through those awkward intimidating years of growing up. They knew us before we had the confidence and freedom to be our own dolled up prepster, head bobbing hipster or loud yelling punk rock-star. 

Here's to 15 years of Hanson.

And just so y'all don't think I've been taken over by a crazy person here was lunch today:
Veggie Panini w/ Asparagus Basil Spread

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