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Crazy times = exhaustion. I went from a week of relaxing vacation (somehow I always seem to need a week off after vacation to catch up from vacation) straight to Tupelo, MS for my first High School Friend's Wedding.

We reminisced about our 10 year plus friendships and repeatedly expressed our confusion/concern on how it was actually possible for one of us to be getting married. Sixteen groomsmen and bridesmaids later we were hit by Mississippi heat and some good 'ole Memphis rap/Motown music. Two hours in we were all gathering around the fans dripping sweat and guzzling another beer trying to remedy our dry throats. Even though our Hog call put their Hotty Toddy cheer to shame, we were not the only ones creating a ruckus on the dance floor. Here is a clip of the whole wedding party getting down while the band took a short break (notice all the groomsmen changed to matching tennis shoes for the reception).

Tupelo Wedding

The wedding ended with quite a few scenes that could be written in italics, but in order to save the dignity and spare embarrassment of my dear friends we shall skip right over the lingering smell of throw up.

The wedding buzz wore off immediately with the return to Memphis.I trudged through the work week, each morning downing several glasses of tea, plus any other meds that could possibly help a sore throat, cough and stuffy noise.

The week included millions of dirty Kleenexes, a 2 second blip on CBS The Early Show (please disregard the extreme country accent, blaming on sickness Church Health Center CBS The Early Show), a promotion, and moving to the Harbert House.

Not Even Mentioned..Sheer Exhaustion Cleaning Out Nanny's House/the Glass Castle

Growing up one of my favorite books was If you Give a Mouse A Cookie. I think I really just liked it because I love cookies and goodness gracious I can't even drink milk anymore, so please can this book stop haunting my life.

If you give my father a project, he will ask for a wrench, if you give him a wrench he will find a rusty pipe, if he finds a rusty pipe, he will ask to buy a new sink, if he buys a new sink he will have to buy a new cabinet, if you give him a new cabinet, he will install the dishwasher and if he does indeed install that dishwasher he will find a leak.

This time frame that we are covering does include the wonderful holiday of Father's Day. And I could not be more thankful that my good 'ole Dad can install fans, shower heads, dishwashers and disposals. But, somehow the Wills Family will always and forever be under the If you give a Mouse a Cookie spell and I guess I should be glad because I really do love cookies, I just don't really care for the cottage cheese container that has to sit under the dishwasher to catch the water that leaks throughout each load of dishes.

I am sure more will come about my new house, but all I can say is it is quite the upgrade from a stuffy 2 bedroom apartment: front porch with rocking chairs and swing, high ceilings, great gas stove, big windows, screen porch, gas grill and great back yard and patio. Can't wait to start taking food pics!

We have finally made it to 4th of July weekend and the only reason I have actually had a second to breathe and update. Last minute I decided to drive to St. Louis and spend the weekend with two best friends from high school. We had a blast. We ate, drank, danced, acted silly, watched and danced to the Justin Bieber movie (yes, new all time low..SK wanted to declare the day National Bieber day and only listen to his music...I shut that one down pretty quickly), talked about serious things we never thought we'd be dealing with, funny things we never thought we were capable of doing and catty things we shouldn't have been saying.

St. Louis

Now, I'm home and my room is still unorganized and I've spent the majority of the day in bed. Happy Birthday America: Thanks for allowing me a break from our fast pace life style. It was very much needed.

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