Food Update

It has been so long since I've done a food update, I don't even know if I can remember all these recipes? But, I guess we will start with Breakfast, work towards Lunch and Dinner and end with my sweet (both sweet in thought and sweet in taste) snack bars.

Here goes nothing...If you make these at home and they taste awful, most likely means I did something completely different and have no idea what it is..that is the hardest part of writing up a recipe..I never ever measure.

Guess it goes back to the days of my Mother saying: "A big squeeze of Dijon"..."Well Mrs. W, a big squeeze of Dijon for you will most likely not be the same as a big squeeze of Dijon for an ex-ole-miss football player?" (As my mother tried to write down her famous balasmic dressing recipe for our youth director).

Spinach Eggs, Local Berries and Cantaloupe and Dark Chocolate Coffee Shake 

I know I can remember this one. This is what breakfast looks like Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday I make an after yoga blend at work: Coffee, PB, cocoa powder, vanilla and frozen banana.

I first heat up the olive oil in the skillet, put in a whole cup of spinach and allow it to slightly wilt. Then crack in the whole egg. Wait until the clear part of the egg turns white, then cut open the egg yolk and quickly scramble the eggs. I like my eggs a little runny. Salt and pepper and YUM!

Cornmeal Crust Veggie Pizza with Vegan Cheese and Fresh Basil

This was dinner last Monday (4th of July). I blindly went to Whole Foods after yoga and just walked around without a plan for dinner or the week. My newest goal is MEAL PLANNING!! I'm super jealous of my sister and fiancee and their huge success with meal planning= delicious meals, saves money, uses up random Kashi Wild Rice Package from 2010 and best of all beautiful pictures that have recently been uploaded on facebook. Y'all interested in being a guest on the blog? Very hesitant to ask due to the fact that the pictures and recipes most likely will be the champions of the blog!

XX$ later I came home still unsure what dinner would actually turn into. I sauteed zucchini, onions, red peppers and garlic in olive oil. Seasoned with favorite spices: Hungarian paprika and S&P. Lined a store bought frozen cornmeal crust with TN tomato slices, fresh basil, veggie blend and crumbed on some cheddar vegan cheese (made out of almonds??). The end result = tasty and messy, vegan cheese does not act as a very good binding agent. Next pizza will feature some type of sauce. This pizza desperately needed some glue.

Shrimp Cakes, Coconut Crust Tilapia/Spicy Asparagus,Coconut Ice cream/TN Peaches & Dark  Choc Almonds

So, theses three pictures represent moving week = clean out freezer.

Shrimp cakes = disastrous. I will try them again in the future and I did eat them, but the recipe is not worth sharing. I know I can make them good, but I didn't want to buy any new ingredients so the salsa was bland and the cakes could have used some more veggies.

My go to: Coconut crusted fish. Of course this was good. Tilpia fillet with olive oil, hungarian paprika, red pepper, cumin, S&P and dash of cinn covered with coconut and broiled 10-12 minutes. Served with spicy Aspargus and Onions. I got on an Aspargus kick.
Here are two variations both delicious, roasted at 400 for 8-10 minutes perfect appetizer:

  • 1 t Olive oil, S&P and lemon juice
  • 1 t Olive oil, S&P, Hungarian paprika and onions 
Last pic is my newest yet expensive obbession: coconut milk ice cream. Everyone knows a beach trip without Ben& Jerry's is not a beach trip. So, I had to find something to cure the cravings while I watched everyone else chow down on New York Super Fudge Chuck (NYSFC) and Cherries Garcia. 1/2 cup only has 100 calories (NYSFC 400+), but interestingly has about 25% of your sat fat needs for the day. We know coconut has a lot of sat fat, but is that something I really need to worry about since I rarely ever eat meat? I think not, because I love coconut and coconut ice cream! The bigger concern is it is about 5$ for a pint. 

Cran-Cashew Almond "Thank-You" Snack Bars

And finally we made it to the snack bars. My flight out of Pensacola was of course delayed (worst kind of delay with us sitting on the airplane on the runway.) So, estimated arrive time in Memphis was around 1am. Who other than my dearest brother and sister-in law would want to pick me up at the airport? Very sweet, I knew they were tired and it was the last thing they wanted to do. But, I was really grateful and made them some snack bars to take with them to their final destination: the gillionth wedding of the year. We will disregard that I did not hear the final verdict on their taste...(I did hear in a round about way finally that they were greatly appreciated and passed out to everyone in the hotel room....possibly this will provoke a comment on this post? ha)

I will have to rack my brain to think up exactly how I made these. I will add a link to the recipe soon, but the biggest tip is to dump the mixture in wax paper, use hands to spread out, then using the back of the knife along the edges to push them together to make the edges pretty!

Off to complete the errands for the day! And, thank goodness I'm not a crazy lune: I found my comforter. I somehow managed to lose a full size huge comforter in college. I just don't get how you lose something that large, but I was starting to think it must not be that hard when I couldn't find my comforter for 2 weeks now since I've moved into the Harbert House (pictures of the house to come!)

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  1. Utterly gorgeous foodie fotos. And if you ever find a vegan cheese that tastes halfway decent and MELTS, I hope you'll let the rest of us know!