It's not easy being green

Or should I say not being green. Of course I forgot to wear green today.Maybe this Ode to Green will make up for my absentmindedness. 

the best of all!
So how easy is it being Green?
So Many contradicting things associated with the color:

witchcraft, Ireland, money, greenhorn, illness, the green movement, a green thumb, freshness, a green light, jealousy, green around the gills, safety, the green room, Egyptians wore green eyeliner due to green "eye healing power," the emerald city, greener pastures, camo- gear, hope, green veggies, envy, nature, green party, energy, green tea, color of Islam, growth and most of all St. Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Only been pinched once!

What does green mean to you?

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