Ginger Shrimp Potstickers..Oh My

Well I couldn't resist. I absolutely love this recipe and I could not pass it up this morning. Especially when I have been talking up the recipe for over a month now and neither Carolyn nor Rebecca had ever made potstickers.

So just me standing in front of yet another skeptical looking class while I once again cower as they stick up their noses and purse their lips. A different but exciting recipe. No greens, no grits, no garlic powder and the biggest complaint of all no salt.

Result: Exciting.

I even got a "This is the best recipe we've ever made in here."

I can't take credit for the recipe, but I can take credit for the influence I made on the class and the enthusiasm behind the excitement of using your hands as a tool in the kitchen. Won't cost you a dime and those two hands you have are one of the best tools you can ask for.

Its fun to get in their and use more than just our sense of taste: first we see the beautiful pungent color of the purple cabbage, then we smell the bitterness of the ginger, then we touch the chalky texture of the wonton wrapper and finally we taste the spicy fusion of Asian flavors in a perfect bite size potsticker.


Click for Recipe


  1. Please share the recipe or tell us where we can it it! this looks so wonderful!