Happy Friday: Videos & Address!

So the main reason for this post is to let everyone know my address! Initially I was under the impression that receiving packages would cost us a lot of money upon their arrival. But, thankfully I have found out that is not true! If you send mail using the US post and not Fed-ex or UPS it will not cost me a dime! So, this is an open invitation to all to send me packages and cards! All of our mail comes to school, so there is a bit of an unspoken competition between foreigners on who receives the most mail. And lets just say I'm not in the top ten quite yet! :)

Anubanchonburi School
c/o Esther Wills
Wachiraprakarn Road, T Bangplasoi
A. Muang
Chon Buri 20000

No, but really I would love to hear from y'all and snail mail can actually be lots of fun! It makes the day feel like Christmas morning!

Here are a few silly videos to make you laugh this Friday and send you into the weekend happy and smiley! I'm headed to Bangkok right after school and will be checking out Thailand's biggest market: JJ's. The market is spread over 35 acres and there are more than 8,000 shops, vendors and stalls. Hopefully, I will survive--this isn't normally my cup of tea. I have already researched and found all the near by coffee shops that will act as my safe haven if I become overwhelmed by Thai trinkets, condensed milk, plastic bags, straws and stick food.
Gangnam Style: I hear this at least 5 times a week. It literally never gets old to them. 

Loy Krathong English Version. These two girls are so smart!

Nine Square: A very big deal here in Thailand. There are many competitions and when the students get older it is a combo between Dance Dance Revolution and Boot Camp. 
They go so fast and are amazing!

Below is Christmas. There really isn't much I can say about this. It was a crazy crazy day! I have so many more videos from this day, but they wouldn't load for some reason, so this is what you get! 
Happy Friday!