Good Morning Gangnam Style Exercise

Lunch Time!
So I’ve talked a little about the morning flag ceremony. I get to school between 7:15-7:45. I have a feeling as the semester goes on I will get here closer to 7:45. During that time I print, make copies/do anything else I need to do for my lesson plan that day. The kids trickle into the classroom, stopping by my desk one by one to say “Good Morning Teachaa Esther.” Then a song comes on over the overhead speaker (there are speakers everywhere in Thailand--it is said that you could be walking down the street and suddenly the anthem will play and you must stop immediately.) At this point the students know to get into a line and they start the “Line, Line, Line.” “Stay, Stay, Stay” process.

Then we head out into the heat--which is hot again. The boys and girls separate: girls in one straight line in the front and boys one straight line in the back. Sweat trickles down their powdery white faces and the squirm and squint as the ceremony begins. Five 6th graders stand in the middle with a microphone and they lead the ceremony as the flag reaches the top: lots of “kraps” and bowing and sometimes the band plays and sometimes not. Then they normally (aka the last week it has been something different every day and I never have any clue what is coming next) march up to the main stage and pass off the mic to someone high up in the ranks and then they talk and talk and talk, more kraps/kahs and bowing and then suddenly we head back inside.

Post Completion: Thai teacher said--"Teacher, Red" & pointed to the hat..Pretending I don't understand. Not Changing...
But not today! I thought we were lining back up to go inside, but the next thing I know one of the older grades (not sure which one) is spreading out in the main part of the courtyard (this is a big courtyard just so you know..very large enough for probably 125ish of them to spread out in this area). And then, the best part--they place an aerobics platform in the very middle of the courtyard and the PE teacher (in his lovely pink shirt..remember we are all matching again today) jumps up on the platform. Then I hear “teachaa teacchha, no see” and pointing to the kindergarteners and then the bench. “you there, you there.” What...? Confusion? Dumb farang look? Huh? “exercises teacher” So I stood up on the bench, music starts and simple arms stretches begin. Okay, deep breath--same stretches as America. I can do this!
Afternoon Coffee Spot
Coffee Love.
Then imagine Richard Simmons Jane Fonda mix of exercises. Stepping this way and then that and arms over head and I’m so confused..not good at the whole arms and legs at the same time. But I keep it going and the kids are loving it. Polyester starts soaking up the sweat and I keep smiling at the other teachers (which I might add all still have both feet on the ground floor and the farang gets the luxury of dancing on the table) I’m not sure why I didn’t see it coming--but I didn’t. But it came-- “Hey sexy lad--ayy” over the overhead and then the exercise reaches an all time max. Gangnam style here we go. Friday morning 8am I am standing on a park bench doing Gangnam style so my kindergarteners can watch and follow, pink polyester and all. What were you doing at 8am on Friday morning? I’m guessing you probably weren’t dancing on tables for kindergartners....Only in Thailand..Heyyyy sexy laddaay for all the world to hear.


  1. you misspellled Angles on that bulletine baord!

    1. And of course I had to go back and make sure...I figured I probably did misspelled it.

  2. i know that comment took a long time to craft, felder farm.